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How do I Join?

 Sunrise Community Club is a not for profit club.  Annual dues vary depending on membership type.  We offer the following plans:


Family - $550.00

Grandparents - $550.00

Couple - $440.00

Single -  $330.00

Senior Couple - $360.00

Senior Single -  $260.00

Family Membership:

A family is defined as adults sharing a primary residence and any dependent children living in the home. Valid state ID for each adult must match address of the primary residence.  Additional family members under the age of 19 staying with a family for the summer may be added to the family membership for $175 each, which will also allow them to participate in team activities.

Grandparents Membership:

Grandparents and up to 4 grandchildren (18 and under). Additional grandchildren under the age of 19 may be added to the grandparent membership for $175 each.

Couples Membership:

Two people living at the same primary residence. This membership can include either two adults or one adult and one child.

Senior Membership:

Two seniors living at the same primary residence.

Senior age qualification is 62.

Members renewing membership must be paid in full by May 15th. 

There are no initiation fees or stock purchase  requirements to join. 

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